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How to Choose a Chairmat


Selecting the right chairmat for any work area begins by choosing the most appropriate shape. The six standard shapes are illustrated in the diagram on the left.

Over 90% of all requirements are usually met by the Single Lip and Rectangular shapes and the 45 x 53 or 46 x 60 inch size.

However, stock chairmats are available in sizes ranging from 45 " X 53" up to 72" X 96". Make your decision by considering the total floor space available, the width of space under the desk or workstation, the size of the chair base and the range of front-to-back and side-to-side movement you want without rolling off the edge of the chairmat. Regardless of the shape, the measurements are always given in overall dimensions (includes lip).

While not all chair mats are shown on this site, all are available for purchase. If you wish a custom-shaped chairmat or a size larger than listed just contact julia@jsfonline.com with the size and shape desired and we will get back to you right away with a quote.

Chair mat shape chart  Chair mat size chart


The next important factor is knowing if the chairmat will be used over carpet or over a hard surface like linoleum, tile, or hardwood.

Chairmats used over padded, plush carpeting need to be more rigid and thicker than those placed on unpadded commercial carpeting. See the chart on the left.

As indicated in the chart, all chairmats for use over carpet are offered with anchorpoints which nest in the carpet and keep the mat firmly in place. Chairmats for use on hard surfaces do not have anchorpoints but are textured on both sides.

Frequently asked questions

1. Why do I need to use a chairmat?

The mat will extend the life of your carpet by spreading out the pressure from the chair casters; in fact many carpet manufacturers void their warranty when a chair with casters is used without a chair mat. Use of a mat will also reduce fatigue by allowing for easier rolling across your workspace with less back and leg strain.

2. How do I get my chair mats to unroll and lay flat?

Our rolled mats respond well to heat. The best options would be placing the mat in direct sunlight or in front of a space heater.

3. How do I know which thickness mat to choose?

Intermediate thickness (.110) For use with loop or berber carpet up to 3/8" thick including padding.
Hard Floor [.110] For use with laminate, wood, tile and other hard surfaces.
Standard thickness (.130) For use with medium carpet up to 3/4" thick including padding.
Deluxe thickness [.170] For use with Plush carpet up to 1" thick with padding.
Premium thickness (.200) For use with all carpets, but essential for extra plush carpets of more than 1” including padding.

4. Should I choose a beveled edge (ramped) or a straight edge mat?

You should choose the beveled edge if you will be frequently rolling on and off of your mat. The ramped edge allows for a smoother rolling surface. Beveled edges are almost always more appropriate with thicker mats.